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Hi, my name is Joseph Schmidt.

I am a Senior Web Developer for DHAP Digital in San Francisco, CA. I have been working in the Bay Area as a developer for over a decade. My concentration is in frontend architecture with a focus on Test-driven development and Responsive design.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on great projects and to work with even better people. They have given me the tools to work on ever evolving projects and teams. Being able to adapt to a variety of codebases and frameworks has become an invaluable skill.

There is always an interesting challenge around each project, whether starting something from scratch or inheriting a huge codebase with years of maintenance history. The goal is always to build a better, more efficient product that what came before. Today’s tools make creating complex applications less stressful by letting the developer focus on writing great code. Libraries such as React and React Native allow us to build applications for multiple devices from a single codebase, which decreases the amount of code needed.


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