Joseph Schmidt

Senior Software Engineer

Dedicated and skilled Developer with a wealth of experience in crafting exceptional user experiences for marketing, advertising, and e-commerce websites and applications. Proficient in an array of technologies, including JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and various frameworks such as React, NextJS, and NestJS. Adept at managing end-to-end development processes, from prototyping and wireframing to debugging and coding, ensuring visually engaging and seamless interfaces.

Passionate about leveraging expertise in front-end and back-end technologies, along with robust DevOps practices, to create innovative and user-centric digital solutions. Committed to excellence, collaboration, and delivering exceptional results in dynamic and challenging environments.


DHAP Digital, San Francisco — Senior Software Engineer

AUGUST 2008 - Present

Tailored Front-End Frameworks: Developed customized front-end frameworks for diverse applications, ensuring visually appealing and seamless user experiences.

Authorization Systems: Implemented robust authorization systems using identity management platforms such as Okta and Auth0, ensuring secure user access in various digital environments.

Microservice Architecture: Designed and automated deployment of scalable microservices for a financial management application, enhancing flexibility and optimizing performance.

AWS Infrastructure Management: Configured and automated AWS infrastructure management using Terraform, ensuring resource efficiency and system reliability.

Automated Deployment Pipelines: Implemented and optimized deployment pipelines using Jenkins and CircleCI, enhancing the software development lifecycle efficiency.

Collaborative Documentation: Developed comprehensive documentation for front-end components in Next.js, facilitating seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams.

Interactive Design: Crafted visually appealing Storybook components, enhancing user experience and collaboration between development and design teams.

Quality Assurance: Designed rigorous unit tests for both front-end and back-end components, ensuring optimal functionality and high-quality user experience.

Code Reviews: Conducted thorough code reviews to guarantee quality and reliability, fostering a collaborative environment focused on excellence.

Projects: XPV,, Toyota USA, Toyota Drive Thru, Toyota Mobility, TMF, Toyota Effect

11th Hour Project, San Francisco — Web Developer

SEPTEMBER 2019 - Present

Translated the unique missions of non-profits into visually compelling and user-friendly websites. Successfully collaborated with diverse non-profit clients, employing a tailored approach to integrate essential features, streamline content management, and enhance online visibility, ultimately amplifying their mission and outreach.

Projects: 11th Hour Project, Ambr Recyclers, Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, The Schmidt Family Foundation

Computer Courage, Emeryville — Web Designer


Proficient Web Developer with expertise in both front-end and back-end scripting languages including JavaScript, Ajax, Actionscript, PHP, and MySql. Highly skilled in the complete design and development process, from conceptualization to final implementation, ensuring seamless and user-friendly website experiences. Experienced in creating dynamic and interactive websites, utilizing a wide range of technologies to meet client requirements. Specialized in open source content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress, leveraging these platforms to develop versatile and scalable websites tailored to client needs. Strong problem-solving abilities, coupled with a keen eye for detail, enabling the delivery of high-quality, visually appealing, and fully functional websites..

Ziff Davis, San Francisco — Web Developer

MAY 2006 - AUGUST 2006

Managed content for an online magazine, overseeing the publication of podcasts and videos on platforms such as iTunes and the web. Additionally, performed a key role in developing custom feature content and maintaining the specialized CMS used for website content publication.

Pearson Education, San Francisco — Web Developer

MAY 2006 - AUGUST 2006

Developed web-based supplemental guides for textbooks using custom templates on an in-house CMS. Created custom pages with HTML/CSS layout and implemented bespoke JavaScript functionality.


  • JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS


React, NextJS, NestJS, Jest, TypeORM, Silverstripe,


Terraform, Serverless, Jenkins, CircleCI, Git, GitFlow


AWS (Lambda, Cloudfront, API Gateway, S3, Route53)


Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL


California Academy of Art
San Francisco, Ca — Bachelor of Science


Purdue University
Lafayette, In — Bachelor of Arts

AUGUST 2001 - JUNE 2005